Salary figures for Bench Jewelers

Hello Everyone!

Well before I asked this question I did go through the Archives. I
am looking for the latest salary figures for Bench Jewelers. I had
place in my lap the other day the oppertunity to start working as an
Jewelers apprentice. It is not offen that someplace is looking for
someone to train. I make some stuff out of silver and I have good
skills for what I have done so far. I have just never worked in gold.
It is alot harder I think to repair something than it is to make new.
Now I know that these number I am looking for will not reflect on the
salary I would expect now , but I am looking into the future. My
interview is on Wed and I am very excited.

RC Gems

Average bench jeweler reported by JCk magazine is about $38,000. As
an apprentice I would imagine $10 per hour as a start.

Salaries range from the low $20,'s to the $60’s and $70’s

From what I’ve seen good ones on the AVERAGE are making in the
higher 40’s, low 50’s.

I paid my jewelers


5 years ago on commission.

David Geller

I would agree with the figures stated in the other post. JCK says
38k. Thats the low side for an experienced craftsman. For an
apprentice: $8-$10. $8 for someone who is entirely new and without
training. It takes about three months to get back even that pay
level if you count the time spent by a master smith in training.
Even if the apprentice begins as a polisher. However, you have to
pay a living wage and $8 (at least where we are located) is about the



Hi David;

Those are very good wages. Congratulations on making your system
work in your own shop.

If I’m correct, you’re in the southeastern US. Jeweler’s salaries
vary regionally, but the south, in general, has always been lower
than other areas, so I’m surprised to see those numbers.

David L. Huffman

I use the Economic Research Institute’s Salary Assessor for
benchmarking the jobs in our organization. Using a model that does
not benchmark by region, but by years of experience, this is what I

1 year of experience:  
Low end:  $19,829 
High end:  $30,389
Median:  $24,384

8 years of experience:
Low end:  $27,282
High end:  $41,811
Median:  $33,453

15 years of experience:
Low end:  $33,154
High end:  $50,809
Median:  $40,599

The data also shows that incentives are usually added to these
figures, between 1% and 3% annually.

I realize there is a broad range of data here, but it’s based on
salary surveys of thousands of organizations, so it provides a
statistical overview that may be helpful.

Andrea Hill
The Bell Group (Rio Grande)