Safety urls and that pregnancy articlea by Rossol

Monon’s article on pregnancy and safety is on the net at:

Monona Rossol’s excellent article, “Pregnancy and the Crafts
Professional,” for those who missed it in the paper edition of
The Crafts Report.

here are some other sites:

These sites address safety issues. Various search engines were
used, my favorite is

Hotbot allows you to use as many keywords you like in a string.
These keywords, among others were used:

hazard safety metals substitute substitution occupational health
hygiene industrial safer ventilation jewelry, loss control, risk
management, procedure exposure NIOSH OSHA, manual handling,

Chemical Safety
MSDS sheets and safety cards

A really superb site for links, mailing lists to belong to and more.
Michael McCann’s Arts Safety and Hazards site (Center for Safety in the Arts=
The Artswire pagae of links to different issues, Interesting reading.
The Jewelry/Metals safety and hazards page from McCann’s site.
McCann’s links pages for health and safety.
A very good article on lead hazards in the arts by Angela Babin.
OSHA directive on respirators
OSHA rules for eyewear
OSHA index of regulations
CIS page of international O and S links and
A mega-site for safety links…
Oregons on-line OSHA course introduction page
An extensive hazardous waste bibliography
One part of a large bibliography on ergonomics
A great page of article links on non-toxic etching and printmaking procedure=
Health Canada’s huge list of free publications and posters they will send
you upon request. Their safety posters include ones for jewlry and
Pacific Rim Dental MSDS sheets for dental casting products, alginate molds e=
The US armed forces are into safety and hazard reduction. Here is a
starting page for it.
Health and Safety publications in the arts, factsheets too.
The Mining Company guide to arts and crafts hazards. A theatre bent to the i=
the ergoweb (ergonomics=BA site search engine page.
A rather grisly page of hand injury and reconstruction examples, a graphic
reminder of why you don’t wear rings in thge workshop.
University of Victoria’s very nicely done Health and Safety Manual
Australia’s very excellent gateway to pamphlets and on
occuspational hazards, chemicals etc. A very nice system.
The Australian occupational health home page.
The index to finding items on their site.
Dept of Energy site map for Health and Safety info-a nice site.
Table of contents for DOE technical info reports.
Eye safety regulations from the US dept of energy
Search engine for DOE technical information
Australian search engine for health and safety-very nicely done.
DOE’s ‘lessons learned’ search engine.
Interesting DOE site, (Hanford)
The Canada Labour code documents site, easy to navigate.
Cancer-causing chemicals ratings from RTKNET (the Right to Know Network).
Some of this comes from the EPA.
Hazard determination from the University of Iowa. Lists a
bunch of chemicals and if OSHA, ACIGH and other organizations consider them

Infomration on occupational skin disease, from the National Skin Center.
An article on the dangers of crystalline silica, from Compliance:
Environmental, Health and Safety News from SSPC.
If you’re still not convinced about silicosis, try this one from Oklahoma
State University.

Information on risk analysis and the “Chemical Substitution Tree”
The Institute for Local Self-Reliance’s fact sheet on"Biochemical
Substitution in the Metal Plating and Finishing Industry."
Another ILSR fact sheet, this one on “Biochemicals for Cleaning and
Machining in the Steel Industry.”
And another, on biochemical solvents for cleaning.
Also on biochemical solvents.
“Biochemical Solvents for Pollution Prevention” from the ILSR.
MROnet’s on OSHA regulations for respiratory protection.
Same thing, but for eye and face protection.
A company for safety supplies, they have gold didymium glasses and more at
very reasonable costs.
Another company that claims to be better, and rates different kinds of glass=

Chemical Safety
A good run-down of chemicals and their hazards.
A good list of incompatible chemicals in terms of adjacent storage.
A rather good lab safety site from Dalhousie University.
A really excellent set off pages on chemical storage principles,
incompatible chemicals and more.
A very good discussion of chemicals and how they affect us from the
Dalhousie site. It starts with ‘We live in a chemical world’
A good page on chemical safety
An excellent resource on which gloves work with which chemicals.
SafetyNet listing of articles on chemical safety
A list of incompatible chemicals from Oxford; shows what you shouldn’t mix
with what.

MSDS sheets on line for a number of solvents and other products.
The hazardous solvent substitution data bank, an on line system to find
substitutes for solvents.
A good set of pages on terpenes (D-limonene etc) and safety.
Solvent replacement guide page
cool online interactive form to find solvent replacemtn for your particular
problem. This site is really excellent.
The US Navy’s solvent and cleaning substitution sytem. Boy these folks are g=
A case study showing how one company, Van Dorn Plastic Machinery, was able
to eliminate chlorinated solvent blends by substituting an alkaline soap

MSDS sheets and safety cards
A list of MSDS sites with the number of MSDS sheets compiled in each site.
A really excellent safety site with a ton of good links.
NIOSH international safety card for borax
The NIOSH international safety cards index, in an incredible number of
languages, including Swahili.
Environmental scorecard site, rather good rankings and comparisons for
health effects, toxicity etc.
A great index to well written ‘chemical backgrounders’, synopses of
chemicals and their hazards.
Oxford University’s MSDS index, an excellent, huge, site.
Another msds site, nice list.
A great series of toxic materials FAQs
Those RTK folks again; some useful about ammonia.
And again – this time for cupric nitrate.
Information on copper.
The Right to Know Network’s on nickel.
On silver.
These people really do cover everything from ammonia to zinc, the subject
of this URL.
RTKNET’s on hydrogen chloride.

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