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Safety Replies...For Wendy Newman

Wendy, Sorry for the delay in replying to this topic. For some
reason your original post never made it to my server… I have a
possible solution for your cracking skin. My Dad is a surgeon -
and naturally he has to wash his hands dozens of times every
day. During the Winter, here in Buffalo, that is a recipe for
badly cracked hands. The solution he found is a product called
Kerodex cream. There are two varieties…one for oily or dry
work, and one for wet work. Kerodex 51 is described as “A
nongreasy, invisible barrier cream for ‘dry’ or ‘oily’ work.
Helps protect the hands against irritation caused by contact with
powders, dusts, fiberglass, oils, greases, petrochemical
solvents, etc.” 51 is the product I use most frequently. The
other variety, Kerodex 71, is described as “A nongreasy,
invisible barrier cream - water-repellent for ‘wet’ work. Helps
protect the hands against irritation caused by contact with water
and water-based solutions.” I’ve also found that the Kerodex 51
cream, worn overnight, does a remarkable job of healing skin
that’s already cracked. Your local pharmacist should be able to
order it from his supplier. If not, I’ll be happy to ask my Dad
where to order it. Kerodex is a product of Whitehall
Laboratories, Inc. I have no financial interest in their company

  • but I’m a big fan…

-Pete Steiner-

In regard to Kerodex, I like it too (I sweat and use the #71).
However I have now more or less switched to a different one
called Prevex (kind of a super vaseline) which I find a little
easier to apply and doesn’t seem to seal off my sweat glands in
the same way as Kerodex does. (opinion only). I use these creams
on my neck and forehead (an ever expanding surface area) where
the skin was sensitized long ago by patination procedures that
were taught to me unsafely. I also use it on my hands. The
salesman who gave me some samples of the Prevex told me that
surgeons who are allergic to latex can wear latex gloves for six
hours or more without a reaction with the stuff [it was a
salesman:)], anyway, I use both but like the Prevex a little
more. Charles

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