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Safety kit for studio - what to include?

  1. An aloe vera plant for burns. Slice a leaf and slather the gel on
    the burn immediately. Let it dry and do it again. Don’t even wait a
    few minutes or it won’t be as effective. The next day you won’t even
    know you’ve been burned.

There are lots of aloes out there for sale at nurseries, but not all
are aloe veras, even though they might look like it. Be sure you’re
buying the correct plant. The aloe vera is the only true “burn

If you’ve never grown aloe vera, they like bright light, not too
much direct sun and not too hot. Don’t let them completely dry out,
but don’t water too much either. They thrive with benign neglect, and
will freely divide and give you lots and lots of babies which you can
then donate to all your jeweler friends.

  1. Some form of cyanoacrylate glue (such as “Super Glue”) for cuts.
    I use the kind sold by Micro Mark because it comes in different
    setting strengths and times. This stuff is now being used in
    hospitals along with stitches.

Clean the cut thoroughly and glue it closed once dry.

I actually learned this trick on Orchid a long time ago, in a thread
about how to heal the splits we sometimes get on our fingertips. It
really works.

Fire extinguisher!!!

Preferably, one with an ABC rating, capable of working against most
types of fires.

One which masses about 10 pounds should be more than sufficient.

I keep mine near the door.

Andrew Jonathan Fine