Safety concern - Sun in the studio


Here’s a safety concern that I haven’t seen discussed before. I
recently moved my bench to the back porch to enjoy the weather. While
the porch is shaded, there is a strong sun in the evening. I left my
magnifying lamp pointed at my bench at an angle that burned a 10 mm
deep hole (100 mm long) into the wood. I didn’t notice it until the
next morning, but I guess that I was lucky that it didn’t cause a


A nice cautionary tale! A strange thing happened to me, I had a large
Nambe bowl on my living room room table one winter day. A friend left
a jacket (synthetic material) on the table and the bowl focused the
sunlight strongly enough onto it enough to melt parts of the jacket -
so much for solar power. As I age, I find I use more and larger
magnifiers, must take care.


You are very lucky. Years ago, a non-profit group was storing items
for a gigantic garage sale (fund raiser) and they stored them in a
member’s garage. It had a big window in it and unfortunately for
them, one of the items stored (antique bookcase) had glass door over
the shelves which unfortunately acted like magnifying glass -
needless to say, in the heat of the summer, when the sun came in
through the window at just the right angle, whoosh - and the entire
garage, its contents and half the house went up in flames - no one
was injured which was good, but not a happy time for anyone. So by
all means, consider yourself lucky and probably a good thing that you
posted this to remind people to pay attention to just such things.


Sun is not a problem here in Scotland - Drowning is more likely LOL

Robin Key
Clavis Jewellery
Aberdeen, Scotland