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Safety and Heaters


We are planning a silver working room in our home shop. Being
rank amateurs there are a lot of questions that come up. For
instance, we are planning on piping in propane from an existing
outdoor tank and using it with oxygen. Would it be safe, with the
oxygen, to use one of those little portable oil radiators for
Thank you , R. McArthur


I am not sure about the safety issue, as I am not familiar with
this type of heater. However, do check on the pressure of the tank
you are planning to use. I tried to use residential natural gas
for my torch and there was not nearly enough line pressure. I
did set up a mid-sized propane tank but have a special regulator
that is adjustable and gives more pressure (up to 25 lbs. if I
remember correctly). Hope this info helps or generates replies
that will give more