[Safety] Air filtration

I am going to temporarily move into a space and don’t want to put in
an air filtration system that is vented to the outdoors since the
space is rented and I won’t be there for very long. I am looking at
the Austin Air Cleaner Plus+ that is a free standing air filtration
system that filters the air in a filtration system and not to the
outside air. The manufacturer says this unit removes both irritating
particles and hazardous gases. It has a medical HEPA filter that
traps 99.97% of particulates greater than 0.3 microns in size. It
also has an activated carbon (from coconut) and zeolite mechanism to
remove gases and odores including formaldehydes and ammonias. Do any
of you know anything about this or another air filtration system that
would be safe to use when doing metalsmithing or with glass. The
items I have include a hydroflux welder, sparex, and a kiln for
enameling and glass slumping. Otherwise, I don’t really use much in
the way of chemicals. Any you have would be helpful.