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Sacred jewelry


I am often amazed at the accomplishments made by the many and varied
artists of the Ganoksin group. 
First of all, let me say that you have a beautiful perspective on

your work. I too am awed by the skill and execution of the designs I
see from being involved with this list. It is an inspiration to me to
get this digest every day, especially since many of my friends,
family, and neighbors are not artists, and don’t really know why we
all go to the trouble we do, to do the things we do. (ahem, and why I
don’t get a so called “REAL” job!) I am a freelance graphic designer
and furniture designer by trade. There is not a lot of room in my
corporate graphic work for mysticism, but in my furniture I most
assuredly do add sacred elements of balance, divine proportion, and
basic numerology and symbolism. I know that the folks on this list
won’t laugh when I say I try to bring the organic spirit of God into
the work. As a Freemason, I also use a lot of Masonic philosophy, as
it has been so rewarding for me over the years, and I have seen the
evidence in nature and daily life. As an example, there is a table
design I have finally just finished called “The Mangrove Table”, named
after the swamp tree. You can view it at . It
incorporates three legs, which is a “run of the mill” mystical number,
as well as the number of degrees in Freemasonry. The number three
illustrates the Holy Trinity, the three degrees, and the three pillars
of Freemasonry, which are Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty. “Wisdom to
Erect, Strength to Support, and Beauty to Adorn” each project.
Another thing about this design is the keystone holding the table
together, another important symbol that allows the creation of the
arch, one of the strongest, most important features of architecture,
without the keystone, the arch would fall. Also, there is the Divine
Proportion (or Golden Ratio) in the height to width ratio of the legs
to the table top. This ratio is 1.618 to 1, and is present in many
facets of nature, from seashells, to flowers, the human body, to music
and classical art. There is a great book about it called “The Power
of Limits”. The last, totally fortuitous aspect of the table is this:
When you tap on the glass top, it emits a true “G” tone. Far Out! I
checked it with my guitar tuner! Anyhow, the “G” is important to
Freemasons because it is the initial of God, and of Geometry, which
allows humans to create and build. When I found that little feature, I
knew the design was blessed. Sorry if that was too much
I usually don’t tell anyone about that sort of stuff, I just say,
“Nice table, eh?” and I silently know why it’s nice and harmonious,
due to the spiritual design. My other work is similarly thought out. I
joined this group a few months back because I got it into my head
that I wanted to make some Masonic jewelry for my brethren at the
lodge, and to sell around the US. Something with more “soul”. I’m
still working on getting better photos, but I built a little website
for it at: . I don’t know yet if I have achieved
my goal, but I have gone from nothing, to a wax, to a silver casting
since I joined, and have learned a lot about silver craft and many
other skills. THANK YOU ALL for taking part in this list, that I enjoy
reading every day! And thanks for asking, Dale! I hope that wasn’t too
much for everyone to wade through.

Drew Horn
Fiodh Furniture Company
105 Seaview St.
Port Hueneme, CA 93041

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Dear Friends: I have a question in regards to “sacred” jewelery. Would
anyone be aware of wholesalers or distributors of sacred jewelery
either in the States or international. my friend is intetresting in
selling his jewelery worlwide. Thank you Sheldon