Sacred jewelry, sacred art

I am so happy to see this subject, as it’s dear to my heart. As an
artist working in a variety of non-traditional media - PMC (precious
metal clay) being one of them - my work is a blend of new twists on
ancient traditions, exploring the healing powers of nature and art.

In light of Tuesday morning’s events, my work alternately feels
meaningless, and all the more valuable. While struggling with issues
of commerce, art and meaning in the wake of the tragedy, I came upon
a ray of hope in the form of a new project I am kicking off this
evening at a fund raising event in which I am participating.

I will be creating Sowing the Seeds of Peace: An Art Prayer, 18 Life
Affirming Found Objects from Nature, each housed in small containers
which I am asking be sent to me at the address below. Each will be
one of a kind, signed and numbered. I am currently using the clear
plastic boxes that PMC comes in, as recycling is an inherent part of
the project. Our planet needs healing as much as we do. It is all

If you send me containers, I will return the favor by sending you one
of the Sowing of Seeds: An Art Prayer. Otherwise please contact me
off list for further details. This is a work in progress and process,
and I hope to be able to make it a large scale one to impact
individuals far and wide.

Thank you. And peace to all.
Riva Weinstein, 296 Stissing Road, Stanfordville, NY 12581