S88 silver alloy

Hi all

after seeing a video by jay about alloys to make sterling i had a
look on the site he named and there was a few for adding to fine
silver to make sterling, has anyone used united metals for there
alloys for silver, i found one "S88 " is this a good one to use for
sterling to rolling into sheet, can anyone recommend any others or
at least what is the best one to use

many thanks

Hi Jason,

I, myself got turned on to the S88 Alloy a little while ago, and all
I can say is that it is terrific.

I get all of my tarnish resistant/de-oxidized alloys from them for
gold, silver, platinum etc.

Aside form the S88 there is another one and I using called S57. It
[s57] is much shiner and whiter in colour than the S88 and it has
improved hardness and better tarnish resisting. Yay!

I have rolled it, milled it, carved it, forged it with my hammer and
I have done repousse/chased on very thin sheets. It works like a

My boss is also going to get some stuff called Sterlium, a patent of
theirs which I think is like a new and improved Agentium. It is
harder, whiter and does not become brittle and temperamental like
some Argentium when annealed.

BTW, no I don’t work for these guys, but their stuff is really