S57 NA sterling available in sheet and wire stock!

I just received an email from Dave Siminski at United Precious
Metals, telling me that United now carries the S57 NA sterling in
both sheet and wire stock, and Stuller now stocks it as well. It is
called Sterlium Plus.

For those who don’t alloy their own metal or make their own sheet
and wire stock, this is the opportunity to try out a really wonderful
sterling. If you’ve worked with Argentium, you might want to see how
this new sterling alloy compares to it.

Jay Whaley


You previously discussed successfully fabricating with United
Precious Metals S88, S57 and you also mentioned their
sterling/palladium alloy.

After making an ingot, do each of these alloys roll equally well
without tearing?

Do you have a preference for one of these alloys based on your
experience with melting, fabricating and remelting?

Many Thanks,


Each of those alloys you mentioned roll out extremely well, with no
problems. As long as you are annealing, you’re fine.