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Ryobi - inexpensive flex-shaft

 A jeweler on this list (ringman, I think) had
just suggested the Ryobi as an inexpensive alternative so I went to a
local big time hardware chain and bought one.  I love it and am still
using it, although I have replaced my Foredom.  What I especially like
about it is the handpiece because it is lightweight and narrow - easy
to hold.  You would want a Foredom, Phingst (sp?) or one of the others
if you can afford it, but if funds are low the Ryobi is a great
interium tool.

Hi Nancy,

Is the Ryobi that you use just the standard Dremel-like model with a
flex shaft attachment or something different? My dh has the
dremel-type that I’ve thought of confiscating for my own use (and
adding the flex-shaft) but since it is not variable speed I didn’t
know if it would work well for this. Your thoughts on this would be
greatly appreciated. Of course, I’m just waiting until I can afford a
foredom, but trying to figure out ways of making due until I have the

Thank you to everyone on and off-list who has responded to my
questions and for your overwhelming support! Your support has made me
feel much more confident asking even a basic question when I run into
problems and has indeed made me appreciate even more this incredible
resource of wonderful people that is Orchid.

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing more from everyone!

Carrie Otterson

Carrie, I used a Dremel for quite a while and then added the flex
shaft made for Dremel. To slow it down I plugged it into a light
dimmer switch thing I made by buying a double metal box (like you’d
put in the wall for a light switch and plug in) a dimmer switch and
plug in. I hooked it up myself and blew the fuses in my house, then
went next door to my electrician neighbor. He hooked it up correctly
and I then plugged the dremel in to it and altered the speed with the
dimmer switch. When I could afford a Foredom I bought one and it runs
much more smoothly and has a foot pedal which is great. The dremel
chattered around a lot but was certainly useful before I had the