Rust remover and protectant

All of us have to deal with rust on our tools. I have discovered
something great for this problem. It comes from the woodworking
industry and I originally purchased it for my table saw.

It is called Top Saver by Empire Manufacturing,, and I
imagine that it is available at most woodworking places including
the woodworking catalog companies as well.

This product is wonderful. It, and some scotch brite will completely
remove the rust on your hammers, stakes, mandrels, bezel blocks, etc.
Then you apply a second coat for protection. Give it a try.

No I am not a representative or affiliated with the company.

Also a trick some of us use, we that come from wet climates, is after
you pickle or wash anything you are working on is to heat it somewhat
before you start to work on it again. This drives off that last bit
of water that often remains even when you think it is dry.

Hopes this helps with those rusty winter blues.

Sam Brown
Jose, CA

do a little online research about using a motorcycle battery charger
to de-rust steel components.

i’ve used the process on steel and old plane parts [the wood shaving

i have an old ingot mold, that was heavily pitted and rusted [from
hurricane katrina].

i guess it had filled up with sea water and then it slowly
evaporated. i used the process to get it back into working order.


A quick method is to paint with a very thin layer of zinc paint and
then wash the object with orthophosphoric acid. This will effectively
parkerise the surface stabilise existing rust and reduce further
corrosion. The components can be had at a motor accessories shop.

Nick Royall