Rust proofing

Just some info for the group, When I was selling about three
year ago, I sold a product (or group of products!) from a U. S.
Company that protected steel from oxidation(Rust). This product
exuded a vapor that kept metal from rusting as long as the
package was intact! It came in a number of forms. adhesive backed
foam, plastic bags, plastic sheets, paper bags and impregnated
paper. This stuff was moderately expensive, but did an exemplary
job! Because it was mainly sold to OEM and Metal Manufacturers
and had large minimums, it wasn’t easily available to the general
public. The upshot of all this is that if you have a manufacturer
of metal parts that ships them all over the world close by, you
might ask the shipping dept if they have any of these items for
give-away! Also Auto Parts Stores might get these types of rust
proofing. They would work perfectly for rolling mills with out
any cleanup for use! Especially the adhesive backed foam! Can’t
remember the name of the company at this moment but if anyone is
really interested e-mail me off line. GL Jim