Rust finish & patinas (WARNING!)

    70  parts  HNO3
    140 parts alcohol
    280 parts Copper sulphate
    10 parts  iron (as filing powder)
    1000 parts water

G’day Martin; DIRE WARNING!!! Mixing concentrated nitric acid with
alcohols (ethanol; methanol) is very dangerous, even in the cold.
There is usually a very violent reaction after a few seconds, when I
have seen the contents of the vessel shoot all over the place. In
fact, I have seen quite a few laboratory ceilings painted with this
material. Especially undergraduate labs. Not at all a good idea!
Nitric acid is a very powerful and vigorous oxidising agent, and the
alcohols are good reducing agents. Pouf Boume!!! As the French say.

Cheers for now,
John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua, Nelson NZ

Hello John,

It is good that your around, I know lot of my chemical cocktails are
not for armatures. And I have never made this version.

But when you someone would make this recipe do like following:

Start with 50% of the water and ad the HNO3 in the water. than the
other 50% of water mix this with the alcohol. Now it should be
relatively safe to put the lower concentrated HNO3 and Alcohol
together. after this is done the Iron can be added and hereafter the
copper sulphate

But if you are not aware of the danger of chemicals don’t try this
at home. and buy a bottle of gun brown at the gunshop

Martin Niemeijer