Russian scope

Frank, where did you find that Russian scope? Sounds like it
was a great deal! -Pete-

The Russioan student microscpe is carried by
Land, Sea, &Sky
3110 S. Shepherd
Houston, Tx. 77098

713-529-3551 or 713-529-8480
FX 713 529-3108

be aware I did have to rig a mount to fit my bench. I used a
piece of 1/2 inch aluminum rod and bent it to a modified S. stuck
one end in a 1/2 inch hole I drilled in my bench so it swings out
over my benchmate. I then made a plate out of plexiglass to fit
in the benchpin holder that fits on the benchmate system. I use
this clear plastic plate to work wax It takes some getting use
to and some adjusting to fine tune it.

good Luck Frank