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Russian braid pattern... how to or is there another name?

Hello everyone.

I was curious if anyone knows of a book that explains how do make the Russian braid pattern into necklaces? Or perhaps I can’t find documentation because there is a more common name for this pattern?

Thank you,

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Hi Rick

There is an how to in the Feb '18 issue of Bead and Button magazine on making Sami inspired bracelets, which is braiding of tin wire. I believe someone has a book out on the subject. Probably the author of the article, Katherine Buenger. She’s got a website, The Sami are a tribal group living in far northern Scandinavia. I’m not familiar with Russian braiding, but this might be helpful as it is braiding with wire.

Happy making,
Vicki K, Socal

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How about a picture of what you call russian braid - then we can know where of you speak.

Hi Rick,
I think you’re talking about soutache. If you search ‘soutache’ on Pinterest you’ll find some tutorials.

Try Viking Knit or wire crochet. They are different things, but lovely in necklaces and bracelets. I think I learned from a You Tube video. Good luck!

Here is an example:

It looks like each link is twisted 45 degrees, and each link goes through at least 3 other links.

I’ll look through some chain books for similar instructions under another name.

This seems to be simple “link in link” chain that has been twisted.

My wife wants a Sami bracelet. She is Finnish and her family came from Lapland. There was a link included in an earlier reply in this topic to a Sami bracelet maker, but the link only talks about kits. I really just want to buy a bracelet. I don’t know anything about Sami bracelets. Can anyone recommend a seller, preferably in the US, where I can buy a Sami bracelet? Thanks…Rob

Hi Rob,
A Sami? bracelet?
the easiest thing to make. Just googled for some pics.
the 9 wire in 3 lots of 3 standard weave, done lots of this weave in silver, and also white ni/chrom and bronze. on its own. These are strong enough not to need the leather underlay.
Using the low silver/ pewter alloy it would need the leather underlay to give it support.
happy to make you one. I have pewter in sheet form can turn it into wire, then id use the silver for the middle wire of each of the 3 strands. a double twist finishing up with the same dia as the single pewter wires.
Now! my son is visiting the USA soon and could bring it with him, then post it there to you.
what do you think?

Hi Rob,
It was back last month on the 22nd, you asked about a Sami bracelet. Did you get my reply? and have you solved this problem?
As ive just had a comission to make 25 off in sterling the 30mm round minted buttons that go on a Sami belt.
Things come in 3’s! so im awaiting for the 3rd enquiry. Looked up the Sami buttons from Lapland. Were going to use a Victorian viking die ive here. Going to be a very fine belt.

We have put it on hold for now. Thanks…Rob

Thats fine. Im interested in the alloy used thats standard pewter which Ive here and 5% silver.
If I get a spare moment! ill have a go at making this just to see how it works out. If it is ductile and drawable into wire. Ill update you.
Just for fun!