Rules choosing copper for enameling?

Can someone tell me simply what it is I am looking for in copper for

I have been buying it for years, but never gave much thought to
exactly what kind of copper it is. I know there are rules as to the
type. They stock 4 different kinds at online metals. I am hoping for
someone that will cut simple squares and rectangles in bulk besides
American Metalcraft.

Karen (in Chicago where everything is covered in ice…and snow…and
ice…and rain)

Karen, According to the Thompson Enamel workbook, which has a wealth
of regarding enamels, metals, etc. their recommendation
for copper is to use "Oxygen free, High conductivity copper,
conforming to ASTM specifications B-170. They also point out that “
roofing copper causes serious problems for enameler.”

Alma Rands

Hi Karen,

American Metalcraft is the only place I know of that sells copper
shapes. I think all of the enamel suppliers that sell enamels and
copper, get the copper from them. You just need pure copper.

They will do custom sizes and they used to have different gauges.
Their standard copper is 18 gauge but you can get it in 20 gauge…I
don’t think they will mill it thinner than that now.

Donna Buchwald

The alloys that seem to work best are either 101 (oxygen free) or
110 (ETP). The 110 alloy seems to be easier to find and perhaps a
little cheaper. You may find these listed as C10100 or C11000.


Hi, Karen,

I know there are rules as to the type. They stock 4 different kinds
at online metals. I am hoping for someone that will cut simple
squares and rectangles in bulk…

Regular copper is what you want for enameling. You don’t need copper
produced in a non-oxygen environment for enameling. My favorite place
to get copper, pre-cut, in a whole lot of different shapes, is
Metalliferous (here is a link to their copper section of their base
metal catalogue):

No affiliation, just a satisfied customer.

Happy New Year to you, Hanuman, Ton, Charles, Virginia and all of
the wonderful Orchidians who enrich my life so,

Nanette Kroupa

For suppliers of enamel and all things related to enameling, go to
the Enamelists society website and see the list of suppliers. Every
enamel supplier I know of also sells copper in precut shapes and in
sheet forms. Also, for any of you that are interested in learning
enamel techniques, you can check the website for teachers and
classes and get info regarding the Enamelists Society 2009
conference, " Surfacing" in Oakland, Ca. Those who are already
enamelists, you can also find info for the exhibition.

Marianne Hunter

Schlaifer’s Enameling Supplies will do custom copper shapes. You
send in a dawing and they will cut it in any gauge you want from 26
or thicker.



Thanks for all the advice. I am familiar with American Metalcraft
and have used them for 20 years. Hope spring eternal however that I
would at least find someone who could provide squares and rectangles
more competently than they do. I know some folks in California are
working on providing small runs of custom shapes. I really just want
squares and rectangles without having to own a giant floor shear.

I can’t remember the last time I got an order in full done correctly
by AM. It’s just not a high priority for them.


Hi Nanette

Try Thompsons Enamel

as they sell Copper sheet, squares and rectangles in quantity. Just
another happy customer.

Happy New Year all
Karen Bahr
Karen’s Artworx