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Rueger Fold?

I am so sorry to bother all of you, especially those that are not
interested in fold forming, but things are just not going well and I
once again have some questions. I have been working on the Rueger
fold and getting no where. I have followed Charles Lewton Brains
book and advise as well as Joel’s and I still can not make the metal
curl. The good news is I have learned to make a pretty good leaf…
this is far from my original goal. I have tried several different
hammer faces and several different lengths and widths tapering both
ends into a curve as in the picture in the book and still can not get
the metal to curl. The metal is equal to 22 gage and is copper.

I have tried to research hammers looking for the synclastic forging
peen and I am now awaiting an answer from Otto & Borel… in the
mean time can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Do I need a
lighter gage metal? Thank you and I loved the pictures Charles
sent… beautiful!

Thanks again,