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Ruby Invisible setting

A ring with a group of ‘invisible set’ rubies came in for
repair; one of the rubies is loose. There are about 5
rows/columns of these rubies. The loose stone is in the middle
of the grid. The craftsmanship (craftpersonship?) is not top

I am wondering if anyone out there has worked on invisible set
ruby repairs, or could recommend someone who does.


Stephen Bargsten
Santa Rosa, CA

‘invisible set’ Sorry I do not have a lot to add but I have had
limited succes with a sharp polished point. If there is any of
the platinum bezel wire left between the stones the point can be
used to burnish the wire over a little. Many of the cheaper
models do not seem to have much of this bezel intact and we
usually end up sending it back to the manufacturer. This happens
in most cases. I tried calling one of the companies once , do not
remember which one, with the same question you have and they put
me on the phone with a jeweler that did not speak english. Did
not help much. My loss.

Stephan from CA Typically we return these to manufacturer, we
have been amazed how quickly they are repaired and returned. We
have also been surprised at how often the groove in the stone is
poorly cut. The only way that I know to tighten is to remove the
stone, try to sharpen the edge that the groove catches on and
snap it back in. But the groove probably is more of a smooth dent
and thats why its loose. I’ll just say one word, and never admit I
said it “glue”.

Mark P.