Rubber sprue bases

Hello all,

We are casting miniature bronze models and mainly use 4 inch diam.
cylinders. Until last year we had no problem buying 4 inch rubber
sprue base with an inside “cup” having an inside diameter of approx.
2 1/4 of an inch and a height of approx 5/8 of an inch to be filled
with wax or modelling clay. For the past year, our supplyer has been
selling us identical bases engraved “india”. Those bases, although
less expensive deteriorate over a very short period of time and end up
being much more expensive. Does anyone know of a manufacturer or
supplyer who could provide us with heavy duty bases which fit the above
dimensions (the inside cup dimensions could be a little higher and
wider but not smaller).

Many thanks

Michel Larbrisseau
Trifac Inc.
Montreal Canada

I recently ordered some sprue bases and when they arrived I
found that they were made in India. The diameter was off so far
that they had to be machined on a lathe to get them to fit the
flasks. (Had to have them the day they arrived or would have
returned them.) They are of extremly low quality and two of them
tore the centers out when doing a normal removal from the
invested flask. Someone please post source for quality bases.
Thanks Terry Williams

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Ganoksin Online

Hi, I have bought my black rubber sprue bases from Contenti Co @
800-343-3364 and have never had a problem with them . After I’m
done , I soak them in water and ivory liquid soap in warm water
which keeps them clean and helps stop the plaster from caking

Daniel Grandi