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Rubber jump rings

I recently learned to do some chain mail in order to teach a class on
it. There are rubber jump rings (which don’t open…). They’re cheap,
come in lovely colors and work well in certain patterns. My question
is: how long does this rubber last? Indefinitely? Years? Months? I
got mine from Fire Mountain. Of course, they are made in China (which
makes me wonder about lead content, but I’m not gonna go there). Does
anyone out there know how long the rubber rings last?

Thanks in advance,
Judy Bjorkman, Owego, NY

My question is: how long does this rubber last? Indefinitely?
Years? Months? 

If your looking for any sort of longevity with rubber o-rings. Make
sure you get silicone ones, typically they come in red/orangeish
color…look hard and youll find some black ones… The typical rubber
is a buna-n type rubber which will degrade over time, Viton is
another good choice and youll probably have more luck finding those.


A good source for O rings ( and a lot of other good stuff) is
Mcmaster Carr.

search O-rings on the site. You should find out everything you want
to know!! As far as duribility is concerned Black is always better–
It will contain a carbon filler that protects best against UV damage.

Mcmaster Carr is an old “Industrial” supplier and will supply quality
materials, Generally US made at reasonable prices.

They sell to everyone, have no minimum order, stock everything, ship
now, take credit cards.

If you live near NYC -Phila. Atlanta, Chicago or LA expect immediate


I get my rubber o-rings from Apple rubber Co. an
industrial source. They could probably give you lots of info about
their products.