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Rubber finger cots

The last few times I was in the States, I was unable to find rubber
finger cots which I use for polishing. They used to be in office
supply stores, but it seems that people don’t use them any more (?).
I see from posts that others use them for small polishing too, so
perhaps someone can tell me where I can order more.

Many thanks,
Janet in Jerusalem

Hi everyone, Finger cots can be found in first aid supply houses, at
least around here.

Vancouver Area, British Columbia


You can order Rubber Cots from 46 Jewelry Supply, 46 West 46 ST, NY
NY 10036. Fax 212 221 6181.

Kenneth Singh

You can get thinner versions at the first-aid section of a pharmacy.
They’re more like heavy latex surgical gloves, not as heavy as the
stationery store ones. They look like eensy-teensy condoms (and are
thus great for jokes on very good friends who have plenty of self

Elna in Berkeley


They are available through Staples off the rack or you can probably
find them online at their site. They are called “Fnger Tips” by
Swingline stock #54035. I found the medium – size 11 1/2 is good
for the index finger and large - size 12 is good for the thumb.
They work great! Good luck, Reba

I’ve used Swingline rubber fingers for years, accountants sue them.
As a man, I used size 13 for the thumb and 12 for the 2 first

This is the URL for them at Office Depot

Some suppliers carry leather ones, Stuller, Gesswein, etc. I like
the rubber ones myself.

David Geller
510 Sutters Point
Atlanta, GA 30328
(404) 255-9565

Hi Janet, I believe I got finger cots in the Pharmacy section of
Walmart, but you could probably get them at any Pharmacy. If you
don’t see them on the shelf sometimes Pharmacists can special order
items. I recently had surgery on a finger and had to keep it clean
while working. Finger cots worked fine for me but I can see the
potential problems with the buffing wheel and don’t recommend them
for buffing.

G. Cleveland

Hi Janet,

Rio Grande and Otto Frei both sell them. Rio calls them call them
finger pads.

Jim Binnion

I have had to use the thin rubber finger cots for buffing once in a
while and they do catch on the buffing wheel. The good news is that
because they’re thin, they have ripped to pieces without injury. I do
not recommend it but it can be done. These are the thin one found at
a pharmacy.