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Rubber cords

For a good inexpensive source of rubber cords check with industrial
companies for gaskets and “O” rings. These companies stock buna and
rubber cord in various sizes by the foot, as low as 20 cents a foot.
There is usually a minium of 15-20 ’ but you can always share. I
prefer buna cord myself. Cut the end in an angle, fold over to make a
loop and glue with super glue or cyanoacrylite glue. On the other end
glue a bead or button and you have a button/loop closure.(Like on
jackets where an oblong bead fits into a loop) Another way is to wind
wire on a small mandral the same size as the cord, (see Rio Grande
fixtures) and make your own closure with hook and eye type.
Sally in Houston.

In the US, for good rubber and similar cords, look in the yellow pages
under gaskets and ‘O’ rings. It is very inexpensive compared to buying
ready made cords, although one usually has to buy a minium. There is
American Gasket in Houston, for example. I was told that buna is
actually better than rubber, because rubber can harden or stiffen
faster. You can get just about any mm. size you need. For fasteners,
make them out of wrapped wire with loops on the end or buy the crimp
clasps found in jewelry supply places, such as Rio Grande.