RTV molds without vaccume

For all you people that are having problems with RTV molds because
you do not have a vacuum unit. You can brush on the contact coat of
the RTV with a soft camel hair brush or something similar. Work the
surface well with the brush to eliminate the bubbles. Now just pour
the rest of your mold material in the frame around the model and let
it harden. You will get a great mold. It may not be as durable as a
mold that has been vacuumed but it will be serviceable for years. I
have one that is 15 years old and still making waxes. The body of
the mold will be full of small bubbles and will not have the tear
strength of a mold that has been vacuumed but the contact surface of
the mold should be bubble free and very usable.One more thing,be
sure and fill anyarea of the model that will create an air trap with
RTV before you pour the rest of the material into the mold frame and
pour down the sides of the frame at an angle to help from
creating any air traps. Frank Goss.