RTV molds how to and more

I have to make two points on this topic

#1 there is a two part product out there that does not require
vacuum is clear so you can see what you are doing. And you can speed
up the cure to 15-20 minutes. I use this stuff all the time it is
Rtv from Zero-D products. I have molded acorns tiny pine cones the
detail retention is incredible.

#2 is I am going to let everybody in on a secret of how I got
efficient with this product. It is very technical so you might want
to print this for later use. Here goes:

A- eat a lot of ketchup.

B-A popular brand of ketchup has started to put there product I the
ideal container for rtv compound. ( the one that has the cap on the

C-use the empty container for the rtv silicone. (pics available)
leave the hardner in its original container it is easy to contend

D- just squeeze out as much product as needed to do a mold. it goes
so fast and easy.

If anyone has trouble with these instructions, trouble finding
Zero-D products or eating enough ketchup please e-mail me for help
and recipes.

Michael Manfredi

P.s. for those of you in Minnesota this is the rare occasion that
Ketchup and spaghetti sauce is not interchangeable. HA HA