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RP Jewelry Design Contest in Japan

Name: Masahiro Matsumura
Address: 3-8-4 higashi tateishi katsushika-kutokyo japan 124-0013 JAPAN
Email: @tbn01e1
Tel: 81-3-3694-0173
Fax: 81-3-3691-4601

I apreciate to have a chance to find jewelry forum. It was
impressed me so much. I’m trying to promote and spread Rapid
Prototyping on jewelry making in Japan. I’m a principal of service
bureau of Stereo Lithography. I have held a competition of
jewelry design which is suitable for Rapid Prototyping. The
competition is open to the public, and I received 174 pieces of
design with RP. I already selected 24 pieces from them, and I’m
making jewelry follow them. They will be exihibited at
IJT(international jewelry tradefair in japan) from 1/27/99 to
1/30/99. And 40000 visitors will come to the exihibition and the
most popular jewelry will get the grandprix.