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Routing of torch lines

I treated myself to a ‘real’ jeweler’s workbench in my shop. I’ve
been trying to get everything as reachable and functional as possible.
But, I can’t seem to find a good way to route the Little Torch lines
(that are so fragile anyway) so I can safely keep it at the bench all
the time. Does anyone have a picture they could send me that shows a
resonably safe functional setup? I’m using the small (18" tall) oxy
& acetylene bottles in a portable carrier that I can put most anywhere
around/under the bench. Yes, I’ve read all the gas threads and am a
little more ‘aware’ than usual. I’d appreciate any ideas. tx, Regis

My thoughts would be that I would keep the tanks on the left side,
but I’m not sure that I would have them ON THE BENCH TOP. Below the
bench top, yes, the hoses would not get inthe way. I keep my torch
in my left hand, and use my right hand to keep things in place, move
things around, etc.

In my studio, I have a separate soldering area, which is enclosed and
there is an exhaust fan to remove fumes. The soldering area is a
table (with an exhaust fan hood and surround) that is just to the
right of where my bench is. My tank, acetylene, is to my left side,
my hoses never get in my way, since I hold my torch in my left hand,
and put the torch down on a metal grate.