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Rounding ear posts

I like to make my own ear posts as I like them longer than the ones
I can purchase. However, I have problems making the ends rounded and
nice and smooth so they don’t scratch the ear when being inserted. I
them out of 20 gauge wire. So far, I have tried rounding them by
filing, or using a pumice disk in my flex shaft, but nothing seems
to work well. Are there any tools I can get that will round the
silver nicely so that it is smooth? If so, what size should I get to
use on 20 gauge wire? Thanks for your help. Alma

Hi Alma,

I make my ear hooks out of.8mm sterling. I just use a 400 grit and
then 800 grit sanding sticks. I check the smoothness of the end by
feel. I do this once I have cut the wire and before I bend it into
shape. I have heard of others using cup burrs on their flex shaft but
I’m not sure that cup burs go that small.

All the best

Alma, I do the same thing for posts. I dust off the edges by hand
with #1500 paper and I let the finish tumble do the rest.

Don Meixner

Cup burrs. Made to do this.

i use a cup burr then a rubber wheel to smooth the post.


Hello Alma.

I use a cup burr to smooth and round the end of earring posts.
followed byburnishing the whole metal earring in a rotary type
tumbler with stainless steel media. There are several sizes of cup
burs, so finding one for 20 ga is easy. I also like the cup burrs
made with slits in the side to allow the trimmings to curl away.

Another useful method is to heat the post end in the torch flame,
watchingclosely for the metal to just begin to melt. This one takes
practice and may not work for you.

Judy in Kansas, where the tulips need to be peppered to discourage
the deer!

Cup burrs should do it. I have been using them with good results on
round, half round and square wires.


I use a cup bur in my flex shaft to round out the end of wire. I
rotate it to make contact with all surface areas of the cut end.
Can’t help with an exact size. I have a couple sets with various
sizes so I just try until I find one that will closely cup the end.
Much quicker than filing and produces a nice rounded end.

I use a small cup burr.

Alma, I use cup burs from Rio or just about any other jewellery tool
supplier. They come in different sizes in packs of 6. I generally
use 1mm or 1,5mm and those sizes seems to round off anything down to
21g wire very nicely.


Alma- I use a cup burr on earring posts. It works great.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

I like the results using a cup bur tool on my ear posts and wires.
Very fast and effective.

Tamara Culp

Get some cup burs. All the tool dealers carry them. They come in a
few different cuts, so try them out to see which leaves the smoothest

Elliot Nesterman

great flex shaft attachment to use is the Busch 411T 3-in-1 Concave
Cutter Bur, 1.0mm Item #: 346120 (item # at Rio Grande)
[ ]
for 20g wire. The bur gives a nice rounded top to the ear post or
ear wire. I use a slotted mandrel with 600 grit or higher sand paper
to very lightly run around the edge of the rounded off wire as a
finishing touch. Sometimes the sanding isn’t even necessary.

I use cup burs they work great at rounding tips but also with some
practice you can make a pretty even rim before the tip by slightly
bitting in to the wire with the edge of the cup I find this "rim"
pleasing and well done gives an acccent to the post, just get an
assortment of cups to find out what size works for youre wire.

I use a cup burr to round off the ends of wires. They come in a
variety of sizes and are available at most jewellery supply places
like Rio Grande.


cup burr?

Hi Alma

What you need is a cup bur. 0.8 mm should work well


I always have a few cratex type rubber abrasive wheels with grooves
worn into them. Run one across the post end at right angles and then
polish lightly. Cup burs are also a good way, but you should give
them a polish after. Rob

Rob Meixner

cup burrs go every size you can think of!!