Round soft curve wire from A and E metals


ordered some some half round soft curve wire for rings 3.3 mm by 2.1
mm. It did not look like the wire in the illustration when it
arrived. IT IS FAR BETTER. Never seen this profile before it is super
comfortable a cross between comfort fit and full half round. Been in
this trade for decades.

Don’t need to file the inside edge down for comfort so faster to
make, also due to the curve on the edge polishes very well.

this is the best wire profile i have ever had for ring shanks. i
have made thousands of rings over the last few decades.

It is a bit more expensive than normal half round and minimum order
50 grams. But worth it.

Only problem is I ordered it for the school so have to use up my
stock before I get to use it.

Also A and E do not promote this profile enough. I don’t think they
know what an amazing wire they have drawn.

About the school the staff are going into shock with what the kids
are making and how cheap we can sell it for. We are just getting

Those who follow my posts know I do not give praise lightly but A &
E have done and amazing job with this wire. And the customers love the
feel of the rings never had something so comfortable. Also not the
sizing problems of comfort fit profiles.

So if you are in Australia this wire is worth a try.