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Round retail space design

Hi Folks

Finally we got a retail space in our little town on the sierras de
Cordoba, Argentina, we will continue doing fairs and trade shows,
but we’re happy of having a physical location for our customers. This
is a little tricky for us, It’s a 50% window glassing including the
door, three windows and a door with lites, round space of about 12
feet diameter. Can any friend give us some kind of advise in setting
a point of sales on this shape? Thank you in advance.



What a GREAT TIME to go Retail.

If possible go visit an APPLE computer/iPhone store. They don’t have
a point of sale, their handheld iPhone is the POS. They do your
sale/receipt standing in front of you and email the receipt although
I’d wirelessly send it to a printer in the store.

POS for an iPad

Think of a cabinet/piece of furniture thats pretty, open the doors
and get gift wrap paper etc.

David Geller