Round earring setting question

I think I didn’t explain the problem very well - most people who
have pierced ears have the primary hole in the middle of their
earlobe. Settings that have a post centered, as in traditional
prong settings, center the stone on the earlobe. Settings that have
the post at one end or the other result in a stone that “drops” from
the middle of the ear lobe.

On an oval stone this looks fine and “natural”. On the large round
stones I set it results in this big round stone “stuck” on the
bottom of the ear lobe, and, quite frankly, looks quite strange! A
round stone, for whatever reason, seems to need to be centered on
the earlobe (or to be so large as to cover the earlobe). Make

I’m afraid I don’t know what a “monster clutch” is - more info please!

Beth in SC