Rough Rubies

What is the commonest or least expensive ruby and were are its
Oragin. The most desirable ? to my beleife , is the berma ruby .
Which is found in asia . Is the African ruby easly sought after by gem
traders and gewelers? My Knowlege of raw gem materal is limited , i
have come across a source That may enableing me to become a gem dealer
. One of the peices given To me is a (800 ct. Raw un cut african ruby
which beleive to be African ruby. I must do more reserch , especialy
on the color of raw Ruby . Can you tell me what color i should look
for in a raw ruby and What is the most desirable of ruby color, for
the resale markete. Thanks ronee

With African ruby you will see a strong blue tint in the stone giving
it an almost garnet color. A lot of this tint can be removed by
heating BUT it doesn’t go to the “pigeon blood” red in my experience
(If someone has had luck with getting it all the way there PLEASE
speak up! I’ve got some rock to cook then:)). Burma ruby is the most
desirable as far as I know as well. You can see what heated African
ruby looks like on He seems to get a alot of his
sapphire and ruby out of Africa and typically heats them (though he
has some which are not). I must admit I just enjoy looking at his
various rocks!

The best ruby is naturally that perfect red. For the rest I defer to
someone who would know more.