Rough Gemstones in Brazil

To members of the Orchid list.I leave for Brazil Tuesday night and have
made a large investment in Laptop,portable scanning equipment,and top photo
With great difficulty,I have arranged servers,in almost every local I will
travel.Facinating,even in the bush in Brazil I am finding servers.
Anyway,I’ve done this because my hopes are that people will talk to me
while I am there and place orders.I can E-mail photo’s.I have there already
lots of all grades of Tourmaline rough sealed.I also have arranged top
Rutilated Quartz
and a new Purple Garnet(cut’s small only-6x8 and down sizes)But please tell
me your interests and I will prepare offers while I am there.
Anyone working with me like this will win prices and qualities you will
never find at a gem show or through armchair magazine dealers.You will be
buying at site with me.As long as you choose items within my line(which is
quite broad)I will need no advance monies.Those names that I know from this
list I will ship,you examine before you pay.My margins will be modest as I
really want this to work.Contact me.

                       Mark Liccini


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