Rough diamond replicas

I need to have specially cut for me: SIX replicas of an octahedral
diamond rough. They need to be LARGE, and must match visually.

They have to look like they are large enough to be cut into a 45mm
round brilliant (although they won’t actually be cut.)

Do any lapidists on the list have ON HAND, sufficient colorless
rough (quartz, beryl, tourmaline, etc.) to do this project? If I
HAVE to, I will use glass, but I would prefer natural material.

Thank you,
David Barzilay
Lord of the Rings
607 S Hill St Ste 850
Los Angeles, CA 90014-1718


I have the optical grade quartz for this project. Do you know the
angles necessary to cut them? Also are these to be polished or left
with a semi-polish?

Ed Katz, G.G.,
Jewels and Tools,
15434 Rio Plaza, Houston TX 77083