Rouge vs. Carpet

Any recommendations on what does work well for getting rouge
out of carpet? I could really use the info.; I have some
spillage from paste rouge that seems to defy my methods. Thanks


If the area is not huge, try the pet stain variety of spot
cleanser. It does well on many stains!

Bob B

 Any recommendations on what does work well for getting rouge
 out of carpet? I could really use the info.....

G’day; Try the following: You’ll need to get at the
underside of your carpet. Do this outside if possible AND AWAY
FROM FLAMES . Place on the other side of the stain area a VERY
absorbent piece of cloth such as an old towel. Wet a small
piece of cloth in a light petroleum solvent, or acetone. Starting
from the outside of the stain area, press the thoroughly wetted
cloth against the carpet and rub GENTLY, squeezing the solvent
through and into the towel backing, working from the outside to
the centre. The idea is to dissolve the medium holding the
rouge and push it through to be absorbed by the towelling. You
can see that if you started at the centre, the spreading solvent
might carry the rouge beyond the edges. You won’t dissolve the
rouge, which is a variety of iron oxide and insoluble, but the
solvent will dissolve the rouge carrier and so carry the
microscopic rouge particles with it. However, firstly, try the
technique on a bit of the carpet in a place that won’t matter if
some of the dye leaches out too. Finally, this technique
will work well for many kinds of stain on cloth; food stains
come out easily with water and a little detergent as solvent
using the absorbent backing technique and if treated quickly.
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Since ammonia and detergent is used to clean jewelry of rouge,
maybe it will work on the carpet. Try a test spot first to see
if it alters the color of the rug.

Don’t know if this will work on rouge, but—I have gotten
lipstick and lipliner out of my wall-to-wall with the American
product called Resolve - the liquid form, no the dry. Good luck!

Don’t use any solvents on the carpet. I laid carpet for 14 years
and this will cause the carpet in the area cleaned to de-laminate
( the backing will separate from the nap). If you do use a
solvent make sure to use very little and only from the top side.
Do a spot test first ( in a closet or hidden area ) to make sure
that the carpet will not react to the solvent.

About the only tip I can give you for cleaning a stain from
carpet is tepid water, ammonia (a small amount) and a clean
white terry rag. Dampen the area with the warm water and ammonia
solution and then dab it up with the rag. However with rouge I’m
not sure but what you will make the stain spread. I know with
crayola we use a warm iron and brown paper. With playdo or clay
you let it dry and use a dull knife to scrape it lightly from
the nap. Never had to do rouge…Hope this helps some.
Never thought I’d use my carpet laying skills on a jewelry forum
: )…Char

Hi, I don’t know if this will work on carpets but the absolute
best product for stain removal is ZOUT. Check out the website at
Maybe you could write in and ask
about cleaning a carpet with it.

Rouge is basically red iron oxide. So what you have on your
carpet is a rust stain. No amount of detergent/ammonia is going
to get rust out, and I doubt that a solvent like acetone will
either. However, you might try a weak acid like vinegar.
Depending on how big the stain is, you might also try a rust
stain remover like “Whink”. This is a stronger acid used to
dissolve rust stains from porcelain sinks and some clothing. Be
sure to test it on a small piece of your carpet first.

The thing that I have found best to get rid of any stains on
carpet including rouge is a cleaner that is used to clean carpet
and seats in cars .I got a can after watching the repair shop
clean grease out of the carpet on my car after a repair.I
managed to talk them out of a can after they were done.I have
since used this on several stains , including rouge on carpet
with no trace left after .I have also used it on clothes to get
out ink , works great there too.It comes in a spray can , you
spray it on the stain wait about 15 to 20 seconds then scrub
stain out with a damp cloth and wipe dry .After completely dry
vacuum and fluf area up with a brush or something. Can says not
to use on velvet or silk. The name of this product is; Carpet and
Upholstery Cleaner for professional use part no. 462

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Happy cleaning