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Rotating small show case lighting

Hello All,

I am posting this query for a fellow Orchid friend who says she is
having problems with her computer. Here is her question:

I am looking for small lights (about 2-3 inches in diameter) that
will attach to the wooden corner posts in my jewelry cases. The case
dimensions are 12" high by 28" wide and 16" deep. They are made up
of plexi glass sheets that are held in place by grooves in the
wooden corner posts. These posts are the only thing I can attach
lights to. I would like lights that rotate so that you can change
the direction of the lights and focus them onto the jewelry. I am
doing a show in November and the way the show is being configured I
cannot use my overhead lights so I need to light the cases from
within. Can anyone recommend any sites I can check out or does
anyone have lights that sound like they would fit the bill?

Posted for Jill Hurant by Grace Stokes

There are small spot lights available at most Home Depots - they are
relatively inexpensive.

Look at the small lights that Ace Hardware has. I believe they are
the size you are looking for and are clip-ons. They come in black
and white. I have bought a lot of the black ones, which clip on my
artist panels the shelves and ladders. They are excellent for more
difficult areas to light. I also use a lot larger clip-on black light
from Wallmart (I had to go to 4 different locations to get enough of
them for my show, but it was worth it).

Sharon Perdasofpy

I neglected to say that the lights need to screw to or somehow
attach to the posts on my cases so the suggestions I have gotten so
far will not work (thank you anyway) - any other ideas??

Posted for Jill Hurant

I use Abstracta for my setup at shows. I too wanted in case lights.
Dynamic Display has strips that hook onto their plastic side panels.
They have two kinds of halogen lights., three pre strip. Some are
stationary and some move. I am restructuring my Abstracta to
accomadate these lights. My next show is in two weeks. I will let you
know how it works.



I have jused them for 10 yr. at shows,tracks can be orderd any size
from 1ft. to 12ft. Tel. 800-345-9652

hope it helps Margo


I really hope I’m not opening a can of worms here, but a friend of
mine said she heard that these lights are bad for your health.
Anyone have any reliable to confirm or deny that rumor?
I was thinking of getting some for next year, but since she has
mentioned it, others have too and now I’m scared.

But, Margot says she’s used them for 10 yrs…

Any thoughts?

Amery Carriere Designs
Romantic Jewelry with an Edge

Hi Amery:

I’ve used these lights for the past ten years and I am convinced that
there is no health concern from their use. These lights are simply
composed of an aluminum strip with 20 watt halogen lights. They are
very effective in lighting up the showcase and are wonderful in
enhansing my jewelry. They are very easy to install, since they have
adjustable tension caps on both ends. Incidentally, these lights
operate at 12 volts and I use Marine batteries to power mine. If
regular 120 volt AC electricity is available, these strip come with a
transformer which converts the 120 volts AC to 12 volts DC. If you
have any further questions, feel free to contact me directly.

Margot Silvis

Thanks so much Margot,

I think I’ll be giving them a try. In your opinion, do they work as
well on silver as they do on gold?