Rotary Tool Accessory Kit

Evening All, Actually it is night here, Today I wandered around
Costco wondering why I was there. I know my roommate said we needed
something, but senior moments and I had to roam and look.

Coffee, that was it Fresh Ground Guatemalan Coffee. Well the shelf
was almost bare! The in house roaster had broken down. Well one good
roam deserves another.

Then I saw it, a 205 piece rotary tool accessory kit, all neat in a
plastic case, and no 100 plus circles of sandpaper. Amazing!

There are some of course, but clearly labeled 60 and 120 sanding
grit, in two sizes. cut off wheels, and then polishing, buffing and
cleaning wheels, grinding and sharpening wheels and points three
grit’s. High speed steel twist drill bits, fully polished, 4 sizes
of collets, carving, shaping and engraving bits along with a diamond
wheel and mandrel.

Checking out the man in front of me said he had also purchased one
and found it more than excellent. Price $20.00. The company name is
Alltrade, there is an 800 #423-3598. Fits 3/32 & 1/8 inch shanks.
Set number is 480103, I do not see a Costco store code, sorry. Works
with Dremel, DeWalt, Black & Decker, Sears and Craftsman.

Night all.

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
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