Rosen Shows 'Premier Jewelry' section

Hello -

I’d like to hear exhibitors experiences with the Rosen shows in
general and also with the “Premier Jewelry” section in the show - is
it worth the extra $275? I have an 18K line $275 - $1500 (retail)
and a sterling line $90 - $350 (retail). I just started back up with
my own business after a 20+ year detour in the jewelry industry. The
ACC wholesale shows, that were great for me 20 years ago, no longer
reach my customers. My work does better in jewelry stores with a
focus on designers than it does in craft stores.

Thanks! - Louise Briggs


I have worked for a jewelry designer for the last 9 years. The 2
biggest shows we exhibit at are, The Rosen show in February (in the
premier section) and the JCK show in Las Vegas (in the Design
Section). The Rosen show by far has been our best show. Why? Because
we do not get “lost” in a sea of exhibitors. The show has so many
exhibitors that the buyers can not possibly see all the talent they
need to but the Rosen show is different. The type of buyer is also
different. They are usually high end gallery owners/buyers who take
the time to listen about your line ask a lot of questions regarding
it and also like to find out a bit about you. We think the premier
section of the show is worth the extra money .Wendy is really trying
to promote the premier section by going after very high end gallery
owners and inviting them to the show. One also gets a different
feeling between the premier section and the regular sections.

Hope this helped, if you have any more questions, let me know.

Hi Laurie, I have done the Rosen show for the last 13 years or more
as well as the ACC shows. Although the “Premier Section” certainly
does have a different feel…large banners with your face on it, a
different color of carpeting, and larger booths, I’ve found that if
your work is interesting and well executed, buyers find you readily
and gratefully, in the, “sea of exhibitors”.

I think that perhaps you will see from looking around for yourself,
that paying more for a banner and a fancier booth doesn’t exactly
compensate for a lack of originality. Although its a truly great
section for the very well known, with an established customer base,
( Falcher Fusager and his company Magick come to mind), I’ve spoken
with several in the "Premier "section over the few years that it has
been in existance who have beautiful work but have sold diddly
squat, (that’s a technical term for not a dang thing), and many in
the vast sea who have made high end sales hand over fist.

Premier is a pretty section to show off your wares in , and my hat
is off to Wendy for trying to make it easier for the very high end
buyers to more easily target their market…but some buyers don’t
even bother looking in that section because of a somewhat misguided
perception that the goods found there are out of the reach of their
pocketbook. I sell high end, and so far, I plan on sticking to the
ocean, but then I am near the door and easy to find. I guess what I
am trying to say is that the “premier” section is no guarantee of
sales, and may not be worth the money to you.

Lisa, (Rode a friend’s mustang the other day, kinda like putting a
saddle on a large jackrabbit. Ow!) Topanga, CA USA