Rose Quartz cluster of crystals

Hi, I am looking for a piece of cluster of rose quartz crystals that
are extrememly bright and sparkly. The size must be at least 62mm by
47mm. If anyone has this material please contact me

Thank you,
Diane Sadel

Hi Diane, Most, if not all the rose quartz I’ve seen is massive,
rather than crystalline. I do have one large single crystal in my
collection that seems to show both smoky and rose, but not jewelry

Have you considered cobaltocalcite drusy? The best layman’s term I’ve
hears is “the Pepto-Bismol stone”, due to the particular shade of
pink. One potential problem with this material is that I don’t know if
you’ll be able to find one that big… or afford it if you can! Most
stones I’ve seen are up to 20-30mm.

Good luck,
Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)