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Rose gold

Ciao everybody! Does anybody knows how can I obtain this beautiful
intense pink color gold I’ve seen? It’s really more like fuxia bright
color… really unusual, but so nice! Somebody said that maybe they
put platin inside but I’ve really no idea. Thanks Cristina

Really bright red color? Probably a plating of an intense color over
a less red rose gold that is castable. Tough call sight unseen but I
have learned if it looks too good to be true it probably is. Daniel

I am a metallurgist who owns a small jewelry company, Jewelry
Material Innovations, Inc. Our company develops colored formulations
that artists add to their jewelry to confer color. Our formulations
utilize gold and silver powders. I am currently developing a rose
gold formulation that can be applied to the surface of silver
jewelry as a surface accent. I am having trouble achieving a true
"rose"or"pink" color after firing the formulations. They tend to
have a shade of too much copper. I am following recipes published in
the literature, including 75% gold/25% copper (18 K), and
58.6%gold/37.2% copper/4.2% silver (14 K). I am close in color, but
it is not the true rose color that I seek. Cananyone provide me with
advice on achieving a truer color?

Ron Diegle