Rose gold repair

Have a customer with a braided ring comprised of strands of twisted

14kt tri colors. Each strand is two twisted wires. Three strands of
each color. All braided. Just the 14kt rose is cracking. Multiple
cracks. He has had them solder repaired several times, but more
cracks develop.

Would this be caused by the rose gold not being annealed enough or
immediately quenched? Could the entire ring be annealed to prevent
further cracks? Torch or oven? Would a laser or pulse arc be better
for repairing the cracks? I found a post by Peter Rowe concerning
18kt rose casting and others about the difficulty of rose gold.

The customers are frustrated and just want new rings, I am trying to
salvage them for the cost savings before scrapping these and selling
them new ones.

Plus I am interested in knowing the cause and solution. Just in


Charles-I am so sorry to hear about this. Yes the rose gold should
have been quenched while hot. I’m afraid it is not salvageable. The
only solution I know of is to scrap it out and start over. Insert bad
words here.

Jo Haemer

Try ethylalcohal plus water as 50:50 for quenching after every
annealing. It works for us to avoid 18kt rose gold crack. This is
recommended by alloy manufacturer.



I believe based on what you are saying about the rose gold it
appears to bebrittle from the intial compounding of the gold. I
doubt if annealing would work and as far as soldering the cracks and
this did not work this means you have weak solder joints. A laser in
this case would probably not work because there would be no deep
penetration or bonding of the metal. I believe the best solution
would be the Pulse Arc or Fusion Welding since thiswill create the
strongest bond with percision. If you want you can send me a couple
of pictures and My store Pro Ice Jewelers probably can fix it for a
small fee. My email address is @Terry_Reichert.