Rose Gold Casting

So I’m not the only one that loses teeth every time I try to work rose
gold. Hate to cast it. Use Hoover and Strong 14K rose solder, easy.
Real soft flame, a lot of flux (Battern’s), real clean and tight joint,
and still cry half the time.

Hello Casters, Casting rose gold should present no problems. I’m curious
what problems you’re having here. Casting 18k rose IS aproblem, but there
is a solution. Some people find white gold difficult also, but with the
right proceedures it is quite simple. Any nibbles? J.A.


Tend to get porosity. Usually worst at point furthest from sprue. Try to
pay attention to good sprueing techniques. Max 60/40 clean shot/old
sprue. Use 50/50 boric/borax for casting flux. Propane/oxygen torch. Vac
assist cast. Cast with flask at 900-1000. Metal mirror bright and
spinning when I pour. Glad for any suggestions.

try using small vents in top of item so that they are furthest from the
spru. Also use a lg. vent in center (if ring) wax wire hooked to nothing
but vented out side. Pits come from bad gold (DIRTY,CAST TO MANY TIMES)
or (GAS). This is in general and all that I have ever found. I hate pits and
hope not to find any…


Hi dscar, Sounds to me the metal might be too hot if it’s “spinning”. Tell
me about the shape and sound of the torch. Depending on what it is you are
casting you may be able to raise the flask temp and lower the metal temp.
How thick or thin a piece are you casting? Are you using a separate
crucible? What are you using for a stiring rod? J.A.