Rose gold cable chain

Hello! i was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for a 14k
rose gold light cable chain provider? I have checked all my usual
findings providers, and have only been able to find rose gold plated
chain… any help would be greatly appreciated!

anna mossman

Try Herco, in San Francisco.

Anna- Herco now has Rose Gold chain. Check Stuller too. Have fun and
make lots of jewelry.

Jp Haemer

Hello Anna,

I bought some lovely rose gold chain from Stuller 2 years ago.
Haven’t taken the time to check for you on current stock… sorry.
Still tired from the Tucson experience, I guess.

It was crazy-shopping as usual and I really enjoyed viewing the AGTA
design winners. WOW! I’m still drooling over Richard Homer’s faceted
rutilated quartz - IMHO it should have won the category. Dave Ahrens
and Company fostered the Orchid dinner and it featured the Potter
Press. Great to meet Kevin & his lovely wife and to learn about his
press. There were blanks in the drawing as well as some good books.
(I was not a winner this year… sigh.)

Judy in Kansas, where the inch of snow has melted already and a
mis-guided cardinal has been singing for a mate! He’s about a month
too early.