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Rose Engine Available

Rose Engine for Sale:
For doing Guilloche’ Engravings (Engine Turning). This machine is a great size and has great capabilities for Jewelers. Can do circular, oval and straight line work - all in one machine. Manufactured in early 1900’s. Currently located in California.


Straight Line Chuck - 7-15/16" stroke (8-3/4" if you remove the stops)

Ellipse Chuck with Double Eccentric Slides.

Uber Rare “Auto-Advance” Ships Wheel option allowing the operator to move the rubber (cam follower) from one rosette to another with one hand and no need to touch the rubber. It literally shifts the headstock off the rubber, moves the rubber the distance of one or more rosettes and drops the headstock back down onto the rubber by rotating a “knob” with one hand. Allows for USA style diamond patterns without losing adjustment of the rubber/rosette so you do not need to re-adjust the sliderest position for every line to make this (and other) patterns.

Rosettes - comes with about 50 rosettes of various styles (including the original bronze rosettes and the one currently on the back of the machine). Also comes with a number of spacers in case you want to replace all the bronze rosettes on the barrel with acrylic ones.

8" Sliderest : Typical Engine Turning sliderest with ratchet mechanism, slide distance adjustment, geed (guide) micro adjust, and handle, thumb push and angular adjustment for curved surfaces.

Additional Items:

  • Auxiliary Rosette Holder - attaches to the rear of the headstock so you may use a rosette not on the barrel. Includes rubber holder.
  • Threaded Adapter - I believe this is a 15/16"-10 (marked as such) thread but I am not 100% positive as I have never used it.
  • Rocking Spring - The spring has been updated and improved using a more modern Lindow-White type spring. The original spring and its hardware go with the Engine if you wish to put it back to original.
  • Rosette Replicator - Comes with the hardware to mount a piece of Plexiglass on the nose of the barrel. If you have the propensity to barrow some friend’s rosettes and mount them on the back of the machine and mount a router on-center where the current sliderest is, you can then make a copy of your friend’s rosette for yourself. :slight_smile:
  • Ellipse Chuck Adapter - This is used if you wish to remove the Double Eccentric part of the Ellipse Chuck to lighten it in case you are doing a heavy piece of turning. I have only done guilloche work on hollow forms so have never used this item myself.
  • Pump Mechanism - This fits onto the rear of the machine and provides the spring action for pumping. The ball bearings in the headstock will need to be replaced with sleeve bearings to use this piece of equipment.

Diamond Drag Engraver Holder - Made to use Tormach type spring and engravers. The recommended part numbers are written on the bag the Holder is in.

Serious parties please contact Tig at:

Hey All,
I’ve got a but of interest - thank you to all who have emailed me. Everyone has asked how much and I honestly do not know the value of this machine because I have never seen another with a Ships Wheel (increases productivty for multi-rosette designs astronomically) for sale to compare so I have just said “make an offer.” I get the feeling this puts up a hurdle for people so I will make a suggested value or best offer up ir down. I do need the floorspace and do wish to sell it, so…

$16,000 USD OBO

It is a Hall R/E. The chucks are original with the machine from the teens/twenties of the 1900’s. Exceptions are: The other accessories were custome made for this Engine (either by the previous owner or myself) with the exception of the spring upgrade and the rosettes which are of Lindow origin. It has served me well and I have done professional qualtiy work on this machine. It has its quirks, but so does every machine I have ever used from 180 years old to 2 years old. Feel free to ask questions if you have them.