Roots, Stems and Branches; My Book


You may have already heard the good news that a book that I’ve been
working on for the past ten years, Roots, Stems and Branches; A
Recollection, has finally been published. This book, the result of
those many years of writing, art making, and personal reflection,
traces those moments or events in my life that directed me to making
my jewels.

Although I wrote this book as self-enforced reflection, it’s also a
book for you. my Society of North American Goldsmiths compatriots.
and for the many others who have asked me to describe why I chose to
become a jewel maker and what the impetus is behind my artwork. I
hope it will serve as an illustrative template for all of us who
love to make jewelry or other art.

The great news is that Roots, Stems and Branches; A Recollection is
now available in a paperback edition from. The original clothbound
Collector’s Edition with dust jacket is still available and can be
ordered directly online at.

Roots, Stems and Branches; A Recollection, is “an assemblage of my
serendipitous episodes, intersections and influences.” Full-color
photographs of my jewels and my own richly illuminated letters and
decorative embellishments are sprinkled liberally throughout the
book, along with a selection of photographs that help tell my story.

For signed copies of either edition, Roots, Stems and Branches; A
Recollection, can also be ordered directly from me at
[evansol at berkshire dot net ]

With fond regards,
Linda Kaye-Moses