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Romanoff motorized casting machine problem

I have a romanoff motorized casting machine I bought (used) 6 years
ago. I have been successfully casting silver and bronze with it.

last cast of a 3 X 7 in. flask, it began knocking loudy and
vibrating badly, as if out of balance. (It had been balanced

I quickly shut down, and removed the broken arm, to check the motor
and the drive assembly. all was smooth there.

The loud knocking sounded as if the broken arm would swing from the
start position, hit the stop on the casting arm, and recoil to the
start position.

I disassembled the swivel and replaced the ball bearings. The
bearings were bad, and one was frozen.

I still have the problem. I feel almost certain the problem is in
the broken arm assembly. The ball bearings in the main drive assembly
seem to be in good condition, properly greased, and will run smooth
with the casting arm removed.

If anyone has experience with this machine, or any ideas what could
cause this problem, I sure thank you for the advice


p. s. If anyone has a good motorized casting machine they want to
sell I am interested.

HI Andy,

Sorry for the late reply.

You’re talking about one of the Romanoff machines that’s basically a
standard centrifuge, with a cover and a motor drive, right?
(Motorized version of the spring wound ones.)

I know this sounds basic, but have you checked the full spin for
interference? It sounds sort of like the arm’s whacking into
something. Once the spin starts, the broken arm snaps out to full
extension, and there (shouldn’t) be anything else to provide any
energy to get it to retract, even if it’s out of balance. Either
that, or check the motor mount, down at the bottom. It may be that
the whole motor tower is loose, and that’s letting it vibrate around
when spinning. That’d be my bet.

Might be worth making up a dummy flask, and using that to test with,
with the cover open. Just get glasses and a leather apron, then
jimmy the cover interlock switch, and fire it off with the cover
open, and see what it’s whacking into. (Using appropriate safety
precautions, naturally.) Just goose the motor for a second or two,
to give it enough revs so you can evaluate the problem. Don’t spin
it up to full speed unless you’re sure it’ll take it.


Hello Andy,

unfortunately I can’t offer any help with broken arm machines but
you might want to have a look in the Orchid archives at:

or watch:

Let men know if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Sandor Cser

Hi Brian,

Yes, that is the machine. I found the problem and repaired it. The
ball bearings on the broken arm swivel were bad. and the axle bolt
was worn with a groove from the ball bearing race. I replaced the
ball bearings and the axle bolt. It is working fine now.

These old motorized machines were heavy duty, and really well made.
if you care to see what I make with it, you can do so at:

Andy in Phoenix Az. getting ready to go to the Tucson gem shows.

Hello Andy and all Orchid members. This might be a stupid answer, but
have you tried contacting Romanoff directly, they are located at9
Deforest Street, Amityville, NY 11701… phone: (631) 842-2400
9:00am - 5:00pm eastern time.

Good Luck,
Richard Lucas