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Rolo chain fabrication qtns

Hi. I’m interested in constructing a gold rolo link chain but am
unsure how to go about it. I’d like to make one about 10 or 12 mm
wide, where each round link is made from a 5 or 6mm wide half dome
wire. Here are my questions:

The chains I’ve seen (e.g., Elizabeth Locke) have a domed wire
look to them but the inside is hollowed out rather than flat. How
is this accomplished? Do you form and temporarily solder rings from
flat bezel wire (e.g., 24 gauge) and then dome these rings over a
very small ball punch (if you’ve seen Alan Revere’s video on
forming a hollow wedding band, I’m thinking of the process for the
gold part of the band). Then saw the domed ring open and link with
other links and resolder? If so, how do you keep the links
uniformly round?

This seems like a very difficult process, especially in terms of
doming very small links and then maintaining their uniform shape.
Is it possible to purchase domed wire (hollowed in the back). If
so, how do you make sure it doesn’t collapse when forming it into a
ring shape.

I’m not sure exactly how to phrase the questions. My jewelry
vocabulary is rather shabby so please forgive me in advance. I
wish I could just show you a picture of what I want to make!

Thanks for your help.