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Rolling silver clay onto photopolymer texture

I’ve made a texture to imprint onto silver clay. I made this with a steel backed photo polymer plate. When I roll silver clay onto the plate, it sticks to the plate. Anyone have a solution. I’ve used “cool slip” from cool tools but the clay still sticks… help?

Ive never tried this but from my baking days would some sort of oil work on the plate and burn off when fired? Idk im just guessing here.

Go to a wood working store. Even Home Depot might have it. Get a silicone spray. It’s used on wood working machines to make a slippery surface so the wood won’t catch. Different art mediums have lots of interchangeable products.


What depth is your photopolymer plate? How detailed is your design? Did you do a test pull using something else like polymer clay?
I would caution you to limit or avoid oils and silicone spray - they can alter the metal clay - sometimes into a sticky mess. With a clean dry photopolymer plate and new metal clay, you should be able to gently roll and then remove the clay with nothing left behind.

It’s been quite awhile since I made photopolymer plates for use with my metal clay pieces, but I did have a thought that might help you solve the mystery of why your metal clay does not release well from your plate. When making a photopolymer plate, the plate has to be cured completely and scrubbed under water before it can be used. If the plate is not thoroughly cured, it can remain a little sticky, which will make it difficult, if not impossible to remove metal clay from the plate. I don’t know if this is the problem with the plate that you made, but, if it is, you might consider making a fresh plate and then making certain that you cure it sufficiently, and then scrub it sufficiently. And just a little thought here. . . you might try to use a very light dusting of your plate with talcum or other fine powder. I know that this sounds counter intuitive, but it might make it possible for you to use the plate that, so far, has not been ‘behaving’ itself.

Haven’t heard back from you in the posted questions… Please answer those few questions and take some photos of what you have used in the process - the plate, the clay, was it new clay, how did you make the plate? I’ve taught photopolymer plate making for 10 years - I can tell you there’s a zillion different little things that can go wrong. I am curious about your issue and hope we can help you.