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Rolling mill tricks of the trade

All, I just got my Contenti Economy rolling mill, and I love it!
I...are there other things I could try? 

As I recall, you have a Taig CNC mill. With that, and some free or
inexpensive 2d CAD/CAM software, you can make roller-printing blanks
in brass, steel or any metal. Simple arrangements of 2d curves,
rhythmically repeated, make really nice patterns when you carve them
into a piece of metal with a pointed or ball-end cutter. Protect
your rollers with a couple of pieces of brass or something, put a
strip of rolled-out gold or silver in between the top brass
protection plate and the cut surface of your impression plate, and
you’ve got your own unique gallery wire you can use for bezels,
bangles, rings, earrings, whatever.

Andrew Werby